Evaporative Cooling Systems

evaporative-cooling-systems-img We manufacture and supply a high quality evaporative cooling system which is instrumental in countering periods of extreme temperature that affect in-house environments. Our evaporative cooling system can adapt themselves to all geographic locations which make them beneficial in the areas where high

Axial Cooling Fans

turngrove_axial_fan We are axial fan supplier who offer axial cooling fans, which are used in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. These axial fans are available in standard sizes and can be customized as per the clients requirement. The salient features of our range include : ◊  Corrosion resistant ◊ 

Axial Flow Fan Belt Driven Type

vaneaxial-fan-500x500 Quick Facts ◊  Size from 315 to 2000 mm ◊  Capacities to 360000 m3/h ◊  Static pressure up TP 1000 PA ◊  Suitable for exhaust and ventilation Construction: Double flanged casing manufactured in mild steel or galvanized sheet steel, the impeller having manually adjustable pitch blades

Axial Flow Fan Direct Driven Type

tube-axial-flow-fan-500x500 Quick Facts ◊  Available in long and short cased ◊  Size from 315 to 1200 mm ◊  Capacities to 50000 CFM ◊  Static pressure up TP 1000 PA ◊  Suitable for exhaust and ventilation Construction: Double flanged casing manufactured in mild steel or galvanized sheet steel, the impeller

Axial Flow Fan

axial-flow-fan-img We offer high quality axial flow fan. The axial flow fan has been specially designed for removal of dust and fumes in work places where, due to long ducts, system-resistance is high and other conventional exhaust fans will not serve the purpose.

Inline Fan Direct Drive

inline-fan-direct-drive-img Quick Facts ◊  Available in direct and belt driven ◊  Size from 7 to 18 inches ◊  Capacities to 12000 m3/h ◊  Static pressure up to 1000 Pa Construction: Cabinet is manufactured in 1mm galvanized sheet steel. Removable access panel on both sides to allow easy accessibility to fan and

Inline Fan Belt Drive

inline-fan-belt-drive-img Quick Facts ◊  Forward and backward cruved impeller available ◊  Size from 200 to 1000 mm ◊  Capacities to 72000m 3/h ◊  Static pressure up to 1500 Pa ◊  Internal lining available upon request Construction: Cabinet is manufactured in galvanized sheet steel incorporate with a belt

Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans – Forward Curved

centrifugal-fan-500x500 Quick Facts Size from 300 to 1200 mm Capacities to 50000 CFM Total pressure up to 2200 Pa Suitable for use in AHU, packaged unit Application: For supply or exhaust application in commercial, institutions and industrial HVAC systems. Construction: “Pittsburg lock” form housing manufacture

Centrifugal Fan

sentrifugal blower We also hold expertise in meeting the demands of Centrifugal Fans as per the rising demands of the countrywide market. These fans feature curved and inclined type designs that are delivered suing hi-tech computer aided designing with ANSYS / CATIA software and find application in many industries for

Industrial Centrifugal Fans

centrifugal-blowers-500x500 Industrial Centrifugal Fans: is used in an industrial unit for movement of air. Today because of high temperatures in manufacturing units, it has become important to think about the workability of workers and machines installed. A safe and clean environment is needed. In order to throw out polluted